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We provide bespoke consultancy services in the field of Property Development and Property Asset Management to private investors & family offices in Europe.

We specialise in all aspects of property management consultancy. Our team of experts advise on our clients’ portfolios and offer a wide array of consultancy services.

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Asset Management

The Gray & Foxton teams are experts in identifying opportunities. We consult in how to locate, acquire, develop and diversify property portfolios. Our main markets are in Europe and everywhere we work it’s with the long-term goal of generating the best possible value growth and revenue.


Together with our clients we develop thorough strategies. We assist our clients by taking on the role of consulting asset manager, advising on important investment decisions, assisting with due diligence, assessments and evaluations before large property investments, and mitigating risk to help our client’s portfolios grow.


Our network is diverse. We have contact with lenders and insolvency practitioners all over Europe, and tailor our consultancy services so that they are suited to our clients’ needs. 

Our consultants are experts in asset management and are always staying current; keeping up to date with market research and trends as well as politics and financial news affecting investments.


Working closely with our clients, Gray & Foxton consult on opportunities and risks, creating business plans to increase value and consult on decisions regarding you clients’ wealth.


Financial Management & Accounting

Gray & Foxton offer a wide range of financial consultancy services. Our skilled accountant consultants work with top of the line softwares and systems, ensuring efficiency and accuracy which assists our clients’ handling of the extensive financial tasks that come with operating properties.

Our teams are highly trained and experienced in comprehensive property level management accounting, laying a stable foundation for our clients’ day-to-day management of all financially related aspects, ranging from accounting and rental administration to payments, financial statements and reports.


We tailor our services, offering bespoke financial consultancy packages to ease the burden of our clients, making their financial matters hassle free.


Property Management

Gray & Foxton’s consultancy property management is developed to assist with increase of property profitability, covering consultancy in all technical and operational aspects of the day to day running of residential, multi-use and office building properties.


Our consultants have many years of industry knowledge and our packages include a buffet of services. We offer accounting and compliance consultancy services, consultancy regarding various property security solutions and screenings of premises, contracts and leases consultancy and negotiations with tenants, consultancy connected to insurance matters and more - all tailored to our clients' specific needs.

In addition, Gray & Foxton assist clients by consulting on detailed maintenance plans for all kind of property types. With our expertise and understanding of property management you can count on quality and high-level consultancy ensuring cost-effective solutions.


About Us

Founded in 1999 by Robert Gray and George Foxton, our daily operations are guided by their motto of being creative while providing excellent consultancy services which generate the best possible value growth.


Gray & Foxton strives to be the best Property Asset Management Consultancy on the market with a wide array of services catering to private investors & family offices.


Our team of consultants are experts in all aspects of property management and work with the aim of maximising the potential of our client’s properties. We hold a unique expertise in property management, offering full house consultancy services to clients looking to increase opportunities and revenue.


We provide our consultancy services all over Europe. Working closely with our clients we develop clear and bespoke business models, tailored according to our clients’ properties, needs and wishes. 


Personal consultancy is not just a goal, it is our passion.


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